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Digitalization, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things

A joint action of three Swiss companies clavis IT, EPS and computechnic

(dt) Industry 4.0, IoT, discruption – in today’s digital era, entrepreneurs are literally flooded with such buzzwords.

For industrial companies, it is not seen anymore as a mere advantage to introduce paperless production, predictive maintenance of machines / other technical facilities or using collaborative robots to complement human workforce: it is seen as an absolute necessity. Company processes should be as agile as possible and both customers and suppliers should be networked with the whole supply chain and production process.

The problem is: Implementing this ideal conception and thus maintaining competitiveness is not quite as easy as buzzword producers may want people to believe.

This is the reason why three strong companies from Eastern Switzerland have decided to join their competences and vast experience into one holistic service to provide consultancy and solutions for integrated, tailor-made Industry 4.0 concepts for SMEs and industrial companies.


3 Competences from a single source
Machine-oriented, integrated solutions
Business Processes, Integration, BigData, Analytics
Control systems, electronic devices (IoT)

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